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Goodbye to an old home; hello to a new friend

Andrea is a very charismatic person, lots of energy, lots of thought process, and very caring. When we met I know Andrea knew we had a huge job ahead of us. I had to clear out my home of 30 years to get it ready to sell. We started in September and worked for that month but I had to stop to get ready for Christmas craft shows.

"With every step along the way Andrea was encouraging and supportive through the work and the tears, and there were a lot of them."
In January, we worked steadily until it was clear and Andrea staged my home. With every step along the way Andrea was encouraging and supportive through the work and the tears, and there were a lot of them. Before we met each time Andrea would send encouraging quotes to get me through the day. One of the major things along the way was that Andrea and I became friends. The house sold in 2018 and we are still in touch. If any one is looking to go on this journey or just a small decluttering Andrea is your girl. She will be there in good times and the tough times. Look Andrea up you will be pleased!  

Halifax, NS

A move made easier

When I decided to sell my house, it seemed like an enormous task.  After 24 years in a home I didn`t quite know where to begin to organize and sort out the many keepsakes and boxes in cupboards and closets.  Andrea was amazing and made the whole process both fast and efficient.  She recommended painters, helped organize a storage locker, got things separated for giving away and got the entire home staged.
" Andrea was amazing and made the whole process both fast and efficient.  She recommended painters, helped organize a storage locker, got things separated for giving away and got the entire home staged."

Once my home sold I called on her again to orchestrate my move into an apartment.  Once more Happy 2 Organize stepped in and arranged the many tasks in getting moved - right down to bringing my cats to their new home on moving day!  She was upbeat, helpful and able to work independently and I relied on her completely.  I am so glad that I found Andrea to help with this very stressful move!  I would highly recommend her as she is discreet, trustworthy and very reliable!


Hon. Diana Whalen
MLA, Clayton Park West, N.S. 

Love your space again

Dear Andrea,

 ... I`m pleased as punch!

All your efforts certainly make a pleasant change.  The way you positioned the dining room table makes the room look so much larger.  I am looking forward to others seeing it.

I really appreciate all your hard work.  I really enjoy the results.

Halifax, N.S.

Undergoing home improvements made easier

To the fortunate people this may concern,

We can only assure any person or persons considering involving Andrea
with the organizing of their home, that they have, without question, made an 
exceptional choice!!!!
Andrea is not only committed to sorting out what stays and what goes, with 
of course, your supervision but is clever about it's placement either in 
proper storage for your home or she, herself will take it to a charity! 
If there is a Job she cannot do - at her finger tips - she calls up a miracle! 
We cannot ever express properly our gratitude to this truly great Gal - she is 
so hard working -doesn't waste a min.  And just happens to have a good eye 
for lay out!  Endless ideas -and a real problem solver!!
We set her in rooms so cluttered with piles everywhere -and painters were 
coming for the entire house interior!  On schedule, Andrea, literally preformed a miracle - she is incredible -saved our sanity, honestly!
And All done with the most Positive Outlook -- if you are lucky enough to meet her -you CERTAINLY will be thrilled with her capabilities, should you employ her !!!
We can't thank her enough!!!

Very Gratefully,
Suzanne and Jay 
Halifax, N.S.

A feeling of embarrassment has now turned into pride

I'd like to thank Andrea of Happy 2 Organize for helping bring back light and order to my life.  She's such an inspiration and so incredible to work with.

How did my battle with clutter begin?  Like many, I have a home office.  Shortly after being lucky enough to achieve my lifelong dream of starting my own business, my home office begain filling up with all kinds of disparate items, most having nothing to do with my work in any way.  I hadn't expected what would happen to my once organized space when I
"With the Talented Andrea, things have turned around completely.  I love coming into my office to work. It's bright, spacious, organized and clutter-free."
made the jump from corporate employee to self-employment.  Before long loose items, unopened mail, stacks of paperwork and so much more, whether work related or not, began to accumulate in my office.  I not-so-affectionately dubbed it "My Dumping Ground."  The space zapped my creativity and energy, and I quickly moved out into other parts of my home to do my daily work: the kitchen table, the family room, and even my bedroom.  None of them were ideal, but they were the best choices I had given the state of disarray of my home office.  When friends or family came over, I would always shut the door to the room, ashamed of what the space had become.

With the talented Andrea, things have turned around completely.  I love coming into my office to work.  It's bright, spacious, organized and clutter-free.  The door remains open with pride now.  I've re-dubbed the room "My Creative Sanctuary."

I highly recommend the services of Andrea and Happy 2 Organize.

Andrea, you've truly changed my life.  Thank you!

Moncton, N.B.

You made me see what I couldn't see

Dear Andrea,
Firstly, thank you.  Not only for your assistance in staging my home but also for the insight into what you do and bring to the table.
It is easy to understand what you bring to the table when there is disorganization or clutter to be addressd but being a highly organized person and not one to acquire excess I was pleasantly surprised by both your process and the end result.
We didn't actually eliminate that much but the end result looks much lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing.
Where I thought there wasn't much room for storage your reorganization left space that I was clearly unaware I had at my disposal.
Your use of existing pieces and grouping them in themes created not only visual interest but also makes if still feel like home after the storage of the more personal items.
You made what seemed like some simple suggestions that would never have occured to me that in the end had stunning results, again thank you.
It became clear through the process that in fact everyone can utilize your services.
I wish you the best for the success of your business and will certainly do my small part in referring your service.
Bedford, NS


It's amazing what a little organization in your life can do for you
Dear Andrea,

Thanks to your skills in organizing my home, I can relax and enjoy the balance of my stay in Beautiful Bedford.  I really respect your work, your vision of how things should look Re:hanging - hung  Stacking-stacked.  We have become friends, and will always be ... my door is always open to you Andrea. 

Bedford, NS


Last-minute decision, first-rate results!

Hiring Andrea was a last minute decision based on a comment made by a mutual friend. This friend was going to help me prepare my bedroom for the addition of my third daughter. My family had outgrown our present home with the arrival of daughter number two and I was desperate to escape the chaos and clutter of our life before it could get any worse. My friend could help me clean and tidy but we both knew I needed professional help to unclutter and reorganize my house. What I did not have was time nor had I given any thought to what this project might cost. It didn't matter. I called Andrea anyway.... Told her my story... Made sure to sound as desperate as I was feeling and asked her to help us out. It was the best last minute decision ever! Andrea was able to adjust her schedule and join us in what was to become the start of a new way of living for my family.
"... I was forced to make some really tough decisions that would never have been made or even considered without Andreas help..."

We chucked we salvaged we donated we laughed our asses off but mostly I was forced to make some really tough decisions that would never have been made or even considered without Andrea's help. My one or two room project evolved into a home makeover. It took a few days but it was well worth the time, effort and cost. I have my home back, learned a few good lessons in organization and made a nice friend in the process. I wouldn't wish my circumstance on anyone, however, I would suggest Happy 2 Organize to anyone who would like to reclaim their home and have a fresh start.

Melanie S.
Halifax, N.S.

Moving to a new place never felt (and tasted) so good!

"Andrea has lived in my neighborhood for many years.  I have known her to be a very trustworthy person, very reliable and has always been interested in Organizing.  Trust me, my house was very cluttered.

My new condo looks great since Andrea organized me.  She even bought me lunch a few times.  I would highly recommend her to work with anyone.  Andrea has integrity, and is a hard worker.  She definitely made my move easier for me."

Sylvia M.
Bedford, N.S.

Smaller spaces could be big headaches unless you have Andrea to help
"Transformational. Inspired. Sensible. Those adjectives sum up the wonderful changes Andrea Josey made in my home when she helped me to downsize from one apartment and set-up a new home... It was a stressful, emotional time, but thanks to Andrea the whole experience was bearable..."

Andrea got down to business, first by de-cluttering. She guided me through the process of sorting my possessions, separating the necessary items from the donation-worthy and those fit for the junk pile. Andrea’s ability to organize and pare down my belongings meant there were fewer boxes to move, a cost-savings to me. When it came to my sentimental items, she wrapped them with care as if they were her own. As for personal and financial documents, I trusted her to direct me as we thinned out my files and fed plenty of paper into the shredder.
Once into my new home, I saw two challenges: less space and a completely different layout. They weren’t problems though for Andrea; they were opportunities. For example, I have less pantry space in my new home. Andrea was able to get around that by re-purposing a chest of drawers into pantry-type storage. That chest is now a buffet in the dining area, and it looks great!

Halifax, N.S.



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